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Effective Natural Healthcare

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Joint Pain

We offer safe and effective medical treatments that stimulate and balance your natural ability to regenerate and heal weak and painful joints.


Infections affect us all and contribute to virtually all health problems. We offer safe and effective programs to support and balance your immunity.. 

Health Plans

You are unique, with your own specific health needs. We design and deliver personalized health plans that meet your individual needs and wants. 

Dr David Wikenheiser's Medical Specialties

  • PRP Prolotherapy to Activate Stem Cells & Regenerate Joints
  • Immune Support Programs Using the Latest Ozone Therapy Programs
  • Personalized Health Plans
  • Prolozone Treatments to Regenerate Joints
  • Intravenous Therapy Programs for Detox and Immune Support
  • Complete Genetic Health Plans
  • Ultrasound is Used to Assess and to Guide Joint Injection Treatments
  • Auto Immune Disease Treatment Programs
  • We are a Full Service Naturopathic Medical Office