Immune Support

Your Immune System is the Core of Your Good Health

A healthy immune system protects you from invading infections and it balances the healing of all parts of your body. In our modern world there are many potential reasons for poor health. Your immune system is the core of having good health and a productive life.  To regain and maintain good health we all need Immune Support.

  • Immune Assessments  
  • Immune Treatments 
  • Ongoing Immune Support 
Intravenous Vitamin and Mineral Treatments
  1.  Intravenous Vitamin C is a powerful immune booster.
  2.  With stress and exhaustion the injection of B Vitamins is considered. ​
  3.  The amino acid Lysine may be added to intravenous treatments since it inhibits viral replication.
Ozone Therapy Treatments

Ozone Therapy is a safe and effective group of treatments that will support your healing by: increasing the production of cellular energy; by increasing your anti oxidation protection; and by stimulating and balancing your immune functioning. 

Ozone Therapy is an effective group of treatments for regenerating injured joints.   

Ozone Therapy is also an effective group of treatments for boosting your immune system.

Specific Ozone Therapy Treatments that may be used for boosting and balancing your immune system include:   

     Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy Treatments  

     Rectal Ozone Therapy Treatments

     Minor Auto Hemo Therapy