Ozone Therapy

Medical Ozone Turns on Healing in Your Body

Yes, Ozone is a gas and it may be a pollutant. When the gas is produced in car exhaust, or by a photo copier, it is corrosive and may damage your lungs. Medical Ozone is very different from ozone as pollution. Medical Ozone is energized oxygen, produced from pure medical grade oxygen in medical ozone generators. Medical Ozone and used in specific therapies to balance our immune systems to fight infections and to stimulate joint regenerative healing. 

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Prolozone Treatments for Joint Regeneration

Prolozone is a system of Ozone Therapy that has been taught and promoted by Dr Frank Shallenberger of Nevada. Prolozone joint injections are effective treatments to turn on our natural regenerative ability to heal an injured or otherwise damaged joint.

Prolozone treatments start with an injection into a joint of medical solutions typically containing the anesthetic Procaine, liquid Vitamin B 12, and the popular homeopathic remedy Traumeel from the German homeopathic company HEEL. Following this liquid injection various amounts of ozone gas are injected into the same joint being treated.

Microdosing Treatments for Immune Balancing and Joint Regeneration

Ozone stimulates and balances our immune systems. One style of Ozone Therapy that is both subtle and effective is Ozone Microdosing. In this style of therapy small doses of ozone gas are injected just below the surface of the skin, in zones and even into actual acupuncture points. Ozone Microdosing is often referred to as "Gas Acupuncture". 

Ozone Microdosing is useful for tuning up the immune system in situations such as: dental infections; cat bites; insect bites; rashes; sore muscles; sore joints; sinus infections; and many more health situations that require a subtle and effective tuning of the immune system.