Your Health Plan

Make Certain that Your Plan

 is Meeting Your Needs

Good Health is far more than just the absence of disease; it is a sustainable level of productivity and joy in your life. To have Good Health you need a plan. This is where Dr David Wikenheiser can help you.   

  • Health Assessments  
  • Generative Health Planing 
  • Ongoing  Activities
​A Complete Medical History
  1. Your personal health history and your family health history is where we start. 
  2. Next, we discuss your personal health goals.
  3.  Knowing where you have been will allow us to set a schedule for achieving your health goals. ​
​Review of All Available Medical Test Results
  1.  Blood test results.
  2.  Urine Tests
  3. Xray Images
  4. MRI Images ​
Ordering and Reviewing Additional Laboratory Tests as Needed, Depending on Your Health History and Health Goals
  1.  A Wide Range of Medical Tests are Available, depending On Your Needs