Solving Joint Pain

Safe and Effective Medical Treatments

to Solve Your Joint Pain

Joint Pain Treatments start with a complete health assessment. Based on your  findings Dr Wikenheiser will recommend a regenerative medical treatment plan for your specific needs. Additional medical treatments are available as you need them. 

  • Joint Assessments
  • Joint Treatments
  • Additional Joint Treatments
PRP Prolotherapy
  1.  Uses Your Own Growth Factors from Your Own Blood to Activate Your Own Joint Stem Cells.
  2.  Most Medically Effective and Cost Effective Joint Regeneration Treatment Available ​
  3.  Medically Safe Because it Uses Your Own Growth Factors
  4.  Dr Wikenheiser Uses the Efficient and Effective Emcyte Pure PRP System 
Prolozone Treatments
  1. Regenerates Joints
  2. Regenerates Spinal Discs ​
  3. Preferred by People Not Wanting Blood Based Joint Treatments
Ozone Microdosing Treatments
  1. An Effective Topical Treatment for Joint Pain
  2. Eff​ective for Resolving Infections
  3. Balances Healing Energies