Joint Pain

Safe and Effective Medical Treatments

to Solve Your Joint Pain

Joint Pain Treatments start with a complete health assessment. Based on your  findings Dr Wikenheiser will recommend a regenerative medical treatment plan for your specific needs. Additional medical treatments are available as you need them. 

  • Joint Assessments
  • Joint Treatments
  • Additional Joint Treatments
Magnetic BioStimulation

1. Activates Stem Cells
2. Increases Blood Circulation
 3. Speeds Joint Healing

Therlase Cold Laser

1. Improves Circulation Through the Improving the Production of Nitric Oxide
2. Improves the Cellular Production of Energy
3. Improves Cell Membrane Permeability, Moving more Nutrients In and Wastes Out of Injured Cells

Peri Neural Injections

1. Calms Nerves Just Under Your Skin Associated with the Deep Nerves of Injured Joints to Relieve Deep Pain
2. Speeds Healing

Scar Therapy

1. Scars May Cause Nerve Interference and Joint Pain
2. Scar Therapy May Relieve and Remove Nerve Interference and Speed Healing