Prolotherapy Is an Effective Type of Regenerative Medicine

Prolotherapy Solves Pain with 

Actual   Tissue Regeneration

Some people try to ignore their joint pain and just live with the limitation. Other pain sufferers risk liver and kidney damage by taking increasingly larger amounts of anti-inflammatory medications. Other people may even opt for surgery to solve their joint pain. Both traditional solutions for solving joint pain – drugs and surgery, have unacceptable health risks; so solving your joint pain with regenerative medicine is an important health option. 

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Platelets are Essential to Life

Platelets are part of the components that make up our blood. Platelets have several functions, with blood clotting being the best known. Platelets may be activated by: contact with air or injured tissues in our body, such as when we cut a finger in the kitchen; by rough movement of our blood, which can happen with an irregular heartbeat; or in conditions of inflammation resulting from injury or infection. When platelets get sticky and clump together they will release blood clot activating factors.

Note: Aspirin reduces the risk of having a stroke by reducing platelet clumping, and therefore platelet activation and clot formation.

Platelets Activate Stem Cells

Platelets have another function in addition to forming clots, and that is the activation of stem cells. Stem cells are activated when platelets release platelet derived growth factors. Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy, commonly known as PRP Prolotherapy, has been around for many years and is widely used by dentists to improve healing in gum surgery.

I started to study using platelets in prolotherapy in the spring of 2010 through the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine. In June of 2011 I completed a specialized medical training program on using PRP Prolotherapy under Dr Noel Peterson of Lake Oswego Oregon. Since then I have used Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy to improve joint healing and resolve pain with this advanced form of Prolotherapy.

PRP is Safe

PRP Prolotherapy is safe because it uses your own platelets, from your own blood. There is no risk of getting an infection from someone else since you are using your own platelets.

PRP is Effective

I have found that PRP Prolotherapy is also far more effective than Dextrose Prolotherapy for regenerating ligaments. This is in part because of the large number of activating factors involved, including:

PRP Prolotherapy treatments result in faster healing of ligaments and tendons than with Dextrose Prolotherapy, with a typical treatment program involving 1, possibly 2, and sometimes 3 or more treatments, depending on the activation potential of the stem cells of the person being treated.

Emcyte Pure PRP

Emcyte is a medical supply company that produces the most efficient platelet extraction equipment available today. The Emcyte Pure PRP system produces PRP treatment solutions with the highest concentration of platelets and the lowest contamination by red blood cells.

I use the EmCyte Pure PRP system of platelet extraction because it is the best system I have found. This system concentrates platelets as much as eight to sixteen times the level of platelets in general circulation in your blood. This increased concentration means that I am able to treat more areas of injury in a single treatment session, with better overall results.

Another benefit of the EmCyte Pure PRP system is the elimination of red blood cells from the medical solution being injected. With many platelet extraction methods getting the maximum amount of platelets inevitably leads to allowing red blood cells to remain in the extracted platelet solution. This is a problem since red blood cells decrease healing and increase pain during healing. The EmCyte Pure PRP system eliminates red blood cells with maximum platelet extraction.

I started using PRP in my Prolotherapy treatments in June of 2011. I started using the EmCyte Pure PRP system in October of 2014. While I was able to help many people recover from joint injuries and pain with my initial PRP treatments, since using the EmCyte Pure PRP system the results have been far better, with far less pain during recovery.


Prolotherapy is a safe medical treatment for resolving joint pain, through regenerating injured and painful ligaments and tendons. I have found the most effective and economical treatment to be Pure PRP Platelet Rich Plasma injection treatments.