10 Solutions for Joint Pain

Is joint pain interrupting your life? Do you not know when it will come and how bad it will be? Of maybe it is always there, dulling your mind and changing your personality. Even if you can handle the pain, it will change your personality if the pain goes on for too long.

I hate joint pain, both personally and professionally. I have had pain in several joints. That is one of the reasons why I go to so many conferences, courses, and seminars on joint pain. I need to know how to solve my joint pain – and yours too.

I have developed 10 effective treatments that solve joint pain where it starts to allow pain sufferers to get their lives back on track.

Prolotherapy – Joint Pain Solution Number 1

My number 1 solution for joint pain is to boost your natural ability to heal with Prolotherapy treatments. Worn and injured parts of your joints cause pain. Joints are held together by ligaments. Pain is generated in a joint when parts of that joint are worn or injured, including the: bones; the periosteum – the nerve rich covering over our bones; ligaments; and even injured tendons.

You can solve your joint pain by treating the injured and stretched ligaments and other parts of a worn or injured joint by boosting your natural ability to heal with Prolotherapy treatments. Two of my most effective treatments to boost your ability to heal a joint are PRP Prolotherapy and Prolozone Therapy.

Peri Neural Therapy, Joint Pain Solution Number 2

My number 2 way of stopping pain is to calm the nerve signal interference between deep joint nerve pain and superficial nerve pain. There are nerves in the deep parts of every joint. The bones, ligaments, and tendons of a joint have deep nerves. These nerves communicate with a network of nerves just under the skin, over our joints and leading back to our spine. Pain from deep joint nerves can aggravate the superficial nerves under the skin. By treating the nerves under the skin the deep nerves often calm down.

A medical procedure that is particularly effective at solving joint pain due to nerve interference is a procedure known as Peri Neural Injections.

Releasing Trapped Nerves, Joint Pain Solution Number 3

My number 3 solution for joint pain is to release trapped nerves. Deep nerves associated with a worn or injured joint causing pain may have become trapped after over use or injury.

Fascia is the tough fibrous covering over our bones, muscles, and internal organs. We have many bundles of fascia inside our bodies. Our blood vessels and nerves travel in the spaces between these bundles. When we get injured there is often a release of blood and other fluids into the spaces where the nerves are, between the bundles of fascia. This may result in the solid and not elastic nerves getting stuck to the elastic fascia. This results in nerve aggravation and often pain.

We can release this nerve to fascia stickiness in a procedure called Nerve Hydrodissection. I use a diagnostic ultrasound machine to guide the injections that release the stuck nerves. I have had some remarkable successes solving joint pain with this procedure.

Nutrition, Joint Pain Solution Number 4

My number 4 solution for solving joint pain is to feed the joint. Sometimes a painful joint just needs better nutrition. Supplements such as glucosamine sulphate and MSM help feed ligaments, tendons, and even the cartilage of joints.

DMSO is another preparation that is effective for joint support. It comes in a gel and is applied to the skin over a painful joint. Using diagnostic ultrasound I have seen joint scar tissue change by using DMSO.

Nutritional oils such as fish oil give us energy for healing and they nutritionally support good inflammation.

Neural Therapy, Joint Pain Solution Number 5

My number 5 solution for joint pain is Neural Therapy. We are made up of cells. Cells are essentially just bags inside of other bags. A cell works properly by: moving good things like water, oxygen, sugars, proteins, and fats into the cell; and by moving waste products like carbon dioxide and acids out of a cell. When we have worn or injured cells they stop working properly, and do not move nutrients in and wastes out. They become numb.

The injection of Neural Therapy solutions reactivates the movement of nutrients into and wastes out of an injured cell.  Neural Therapy is a solution for joint pain.

Theralase Cold Laser, Joint Pain Solution Number 6

My number 6 solution for joint pain is the Cold Laser. As discussed in Joint Pain Solution Number 5 the cells of worn or injured joints can become numb and stop moving nutrients in and wastes out. This numbness increases the joint pain you feel.

I use a Theralase Cold Laser to solve joint pain. By putting light energy into an injured joint 3 good things happen. First, blood circulation increases and more oxygen will be delivered to the injured cells. Second, cells go back to moving nutrients in and wastes out of the cell. And third, each cell will more efficiently use that oxygen and other nutrients to make more healing energy inside the cell.

Avoid Foods Containing Lectins You Do Not Tolerate, Joint Pain Solution Number 7

My number 7 solution for joint pain is to avoid joint aggravating foods. Food allergies can cause more than skin rashes, upset digestion, and headaches. Food allergies can cause joint pain.

Foods from the night shade family, also known as the Solanacea family of plants contain specific plant proteins called lectins. The Solanacea plants are tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers, egg plant, and tobacco. The night shade lectins work their way into joints and cause pain. Avoiding exposure to or eating these plants is important for people with joint pain and allergies.

Treat Bacterial Infections, Joint Pain Solution Number 8

My number 8 solution for joint pain is to treat bacterial infections. Bacteria have been cultured from some painful joints. Using prescription medications, anti bacterial herbs, ozone injections, or ozone blood treatments have been effective treatments for bacterial joint infections.

Drink Enough Water, Joint Pain Solution Number 9

My number 9 solution for joint pain is to drink enough good water. Joint pain caused by spinal disc injuries and bulges is a common problem. A major contributor to spinal disc injuries is dehydration. So be sure to drink enough water to help you to avoid spinal disc injuries.

Joint Re Alignment Treatments, Joint Pain Solution Number 10

My number 10 solution for joint pain is to have your joint alignment reset. Some doctors claim that you cannot wear out your joints when they are in alignment. I agree with this view, but not completely. Trauma, allergies, infections, and other challenges to your joint health can happen to joints that are in alignment. However, too many people with joint pain would benefit from getting re aligned. Consider realignment treatments from your Doctor of Chiropractic, Osteopathic Doctor, or Naturopathic Doctor.