What is Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy a group of medical treatments that use energized oxygen to modulate your immune system.

Your immune system controls many aspects of your health, including how well you repel invaders and how well you heal from injuries.

Ozone Therapy has four main benefits:

  • Balance your Cytokines, the natural chemicals that balance your immune system and healing.
  • Improve Cellular Energy Production
  • Activates Dormant Stem Cells
  • Supports Detoxification


Balance Your Cytokines with Ozone Therapy

Cytokines are the chemicals in your body that control your immune system. You may have heard of words such as Interleukin and Interferon. These are two examples of cytokine chemicals.

When your Cytokines are in balance: you avoid immune over activity such as with allergies and auto immune conditions; and you avoid immune under activity such as with frequent infections and the cell overgrowth that happens with Cancer.

When your Cytokines are in balance you will also heal both old and new injuries faster and more completely. 

Improve Cellular Energy Production with Ozone Therapy

We all need energy inside of our bodies to function and have good health. The most common form of energy in our bodies is the molecule known as ATP, or adenosine tri phosphate. The energy in ATP comes from the sun.

Sunlight energy is absorbed by plants. Through the chemical process known as photosynthesis plants use the sunlight energy to combine atoms and molecules to make larger molecules that become our food. The sunlight energy holds the atoms and molecules of our food together.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. Cells are essentially bags inside of bags. These bags are made up of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Inside of many but not all of our cells we have structures known as mitochondria. Mitochondria use oxygen to tear apart the molecules of our food and release the stored sunlight energy.

The released sunlight energy is picked up by Vitamin B 1 (known as FAD) and Vitamin B 3 (known as NAD). NAD is more important than the FAD molecule. The NAD molecule becomes energized, changing to NADH and then NADH+H.

The NADH+H molecule then drives an enzyme known as ATPase. Molecules that act as enzymes have the designation “ase” added to the end of their name. An ATPase enzyme uses the sunlight energy from your food, delivered by the Vitamin B molecules, to add three phosphate molecules to an adenosine molecule – in effect making an energy three dollar bill.

It takes ATP energy to: contract and relax your muscle fibrils inside your muscle cells; to digest your food; to think; to operate your immune system; and to perform most of your body’s daily activities. To release the stored energy inside an ATP molecule a phosphate molecule must be released.

Ozone Therapy increases your cellular energy production through several mechanisms. The first being the improved delivery of oxygen to cells. Oxygen is carried inside the hemoglobin molecule in our blood. Hemoglobin gives blood its red colour. Unfortunately this delivery process may be inefficient.

Oxygen gets onto the hemoglobin molecule in our lungs, and ideally off the hemoglobin in the capillaries near the cells that need the oxygen. This does not always happen efficiently, but this delivery operation is improved when medical ozone is introduced to our bodies.

The second way that ozone improves cellular energy production is in the delivery of energy and the operation of the NAD molecule. As described above, sunlight energy is released from our food by the action of oxygen. That energy is absorbed by the Vitamin B 3 molecule NAD, which when energized becomes NADH and then NADH+H. The NADH+H molecule then delivers the sunlight energy to the ATPase enzyme.

The efficiency of the release of sunlight energy from our food depends on having enough oxygen. The next efficiency of energy transfer depends on how well the energy is transferred from the NADH+H molecule to the ATPase, and the recycling of the NADH+H molecule back to a plain NAD molecule, ready to absorb and deliver more sunlight energy.

 According to Dr Frank Shallenberger, the well known ozone therapy clinician, author, and one of my ozone therapy teachers – the optimal ratio of NAD: NADH+H is 900:1. As Dr Shallenberger has written and lectured ozone therapy optimizes this NAD to NADH+H ratio.

Ozone Therapy Activates Stem Cells

Ozone therapy is used to support regeneration in our bodies through improving stem cell activation.

A main reason why regenerative treatments such as PRP Prolotherapy do not give good results for some people is that those people do not have stem cells that are ready to be activated. 

Back in 2012 I completed a doctors training in stem cell therapy under the famous stem cell expert Dr Kristen Camella. In that training Dr Camella told us that while most of our stem cells are dormant, they are continually activating, making new stem cells, making new parts of our bodies, and going back dormant. She taught us that if all of our stem cells completely stopped reactivating within seven hours we would die.

Therefore, the readiness of a stem cell to reactivate is an indicator of our ability to regenerate.

There are laboratory blood tests to indicate the readiness of our stem cells to activate. One such test is the “CD34+ Cell Count”.

Ozone therapy improves stem cell activation, as demonstrated by both my clinical experience – what I have seen with my patients, as well as with actual laboratory blood tests.

Ozone Therapy Supports Detoxification

Ozone therapy supports the processing and removal of toxins from our bodies. This support is due to: the increased levels of cellular energy; improved immune function; and the activation of stem cells.

Ozone Therapy Treatment Styles

I use five main Ozone Therapy treatment styles: Prolozone; Ozone Micro Dosing; Rectal Ozone; Limb Bagging; and Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy Which is also known as Ten Pass Ozone Therapy.

Prolozone Therapy

Prolozone Therapy was developed and has been taught to doctors for many years by Dr Frank Shallenberger. Prolozone Therapy is the injection of medicines and ozone gas directly into an injured joint. This treatment activates the regrowth and regeneration of injured joints.

Ozone Micro Dosing Treatments

Ozone Micro Dosing is a style of treatment where ozone gas is injected through a tiny needle just under the skin in an area of the body to be treated.

I have found this style of Ozone Therapy to be very effective in supporting the treatment of: dental infections; dental nerve injuries; sinusitis; general nerve pain; general joint pain; muscle pain; infected cat bites; infected insect bites; and post surgical scar therapy.

Rectal Ozone Therapy

In many parts of the world, such as Cuba, the most economical and effective way to treat a person with Ozone Therapy is by introducing the ozone gas into a patient’s rectum. This procedure is known as Ozone Rectal Insufflation.

Ozone Rectal Insufflation has been used to support the treatment of health conditions as diverse as Cancer, to systemic infections, to macular degeneration.   

Ozone Limb Bagging

Ozone Limb Bagging is a form of Ozone Therapy where ozone gas acts medically directly on a person’s skin. It involves the placing of an air tight bag over a patients foot, leg, hand, or arm. Then ozone gas is run into the bag and left for a period of time, such as for thirty minutes.

I have successfully used Ozone Therapy Limb Bagging to treat many conditions, such as the advanced black fungal invasion of a diabetic patients poorly circulating and injured toes.

Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy, also Known as Ten Pass Ozone Therapy

My first introduction to Ozone Therapy was in Naturopathic Medical School around 1993. I was shown and was treated with what was called Major Auto Hemo Therapy (MAHTx). Major because 150 to 200 ml of a patients blood is used; auto, since a patient’s own blood is used; and of course Hemo because it involves blood.

With MAHTx a patients own blood is drawn into a sealed sterile glass bottle, treated with an anti coagulant, infused with ozone gas, and re introduced to the  patient.

I learned how to perform MAHTx in 1996 at an ozone course taught by the doctors Renate Vieban Hansler and Gerd Vasser from Germany.

MAHTx has been modernized by the research of Dr Johan Lahodny of Austria, who uses the Ozon 1000 ozone therapy machine from Zotsmann and Stahl of Germany. This style of ozone therapy is called “Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy” or “Ten Pass Ozone Therapy”.

I have studied ozone therapy in general and Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy in particular with Dr Robert Rowen of Santa Rosa California. I have treated patients with Hyperbaric Ozone since July of 2017.

Dr Robert Rowen has a large number of Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy testimonials on his Youtube.com channel. Some of those testimonials are remarkable, however from my experience I can say that remarkable results are common.

Ozone Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

I thought ozone was a pollutant. Why is it used medically?

Ozone is used medically because it is such and effective style of treatment.Ozone is energized oxygen. Ozone will readily give up its extra energy on contact and return to regular oxygen. Medical ozone treatments create ozonide compounds that will last for days to weeks and they modulate the chemistry of healing in out bodies.Ozone as pollution burns what it is exposed to when it gives up the extra energy the ozone molecule contains. This includes: bacteria and mold; clothing stains; and unfortunately lung tissue.

Ozone as an air pollutant is not the worst air pollution compound, just the easiest to measure. Highly energized nitrogen gas compounds as air pollution are far more dangerous than ozone. Medical ozone gas is made from medically pure oxygen, in medical ozone machines, and it is used in very specific, well researched, effective and safe medical treatment procedures. 

What are your most popular Ozone Therapy treatments?

My most popular ozone therapy is Hyperbaric OzoneNext is Ozone Micro DosingThen it is Prolozone TreatmentsAnd then, the Rectal Ozone and Limb Bagging

I have heard of direct IV ozone therapy, do you offer this treatment?

Direct Intravenous (IV) Ozone Therapy has been used in a number of locations in the world for many years. In August of 2016 Drs Rowen and Robbins published their Ozone Research on the treatment of Ebola in the African Journal of Infectious Disease. Drs Rowen and Robbins demonstrated 5 cases of cure of confirmed Ebola infections in Liberia Africa using directly injected oxygen ozone gas.Under my BC Naturopathic medical license I am allowed to perform the Hyperbaric Ozone treatments, but not the direct ozone gas treatments. I attended an Ozone Therapy course taught by Dr Rowen and Dr Robbins in Santa Rosa California in June of 2017. Dr Rowen stated, and Dr Robbins agreed, that the Hyperbaric Ozone style of treatment is infact more effective than the direct IV style of treatment.

How many Ozone Therapy treatments will I need?

The number of medical treatments needed, of any style of treatment, always depends on how well the patient being treated responds.Many Prolozone patients require 3 to 5 treatments. Many Micro Dosing Ozone Therapy patients require 5 to 10 treatments. Many Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy patients require 5 treatments to start seeing results. Rectal ozone and limb bagging patients often require 10 or more treatments.