My Top Four Reasons for Being Tired

We all get over tired from time to time. Staying up late, being over committed to physical activities like sports or travel, and many other activities are causes of being tired in the short term. Sometimes being tired is more serious than over doing some short term activity. Here are my Top Four Reasons for Being Tired.

Reason Number One: Infections
Infections take energy to fight, and are often a cause of being tired. We are all targets of an ever increasing load of viral infections.

Reason Number Two: Blood Sugar Irregularities
Blood sugar is an important source of energy in our bodies. Both blood sugar highs and lows can put us at risk for developing low energy production and being tired.

Reason Number Three
Adrenalin is one of roughly 200 hormones produced by your adrenal glands. Adrenalin allows us to respond to stress. Out of control physical and emotional stress will put a high load on our adrenal glands, causing an imbalance in the production or our stress hormones such adrenalin, and ultimately contribute to being tired.

Reason Number Four
Your thyroid gland acts like the gas pedal for your body by producing the hormone Thyroxine. The hormone Thyroxine controls how well you use oxygen to release energy from the foods you eat. High stress, nutritional deficiencies, infections, and auto immune reactions are all possible causes of low thyroid function and being tired.

If you are persistently tired you need to get assessed and onto a treatment plan that will get you back to your regular energetic self. Make an appointment today with Dr Wikenheiser to discuss how to find out why you are tired and how to get more energy.