Have you been told that you need to have your knees replaced? Are you reluctant to get surgery but you don’t know what else to do? Being cautious is always a good approach, especially with your health. If you want to avoid knee surgery I can help.

According to Stats Canada in the years 2006 and 2007 – 38,400 knee replacement operations were performed. That is a lot of surgical procedures, if you are having one you need to know that it is not always a straight forward solution to knee pain. Here are eight problems with knee surgery.

One: surgical wait times can be many months to many years, and waiting for relief is not a good plan.

Two: operating on the meniscus, a shock absorber inside the knee, often will speed up the arthritic degeneration of the knee.

Three: you can’t stop at just one… Knee replacements usually last for ten years; then you will need another. Each knee replacement takes away another section of your leg bones, and you only have so much. So delaying your first knee replacement helps you to avoid being wheelchair bound in later life.

Four: surgically replacing a knee joint will not solve the pain from all the connective tissue around the joint. You will still have to solve the problem of healing all the ligaments around the knee that were originally injured or stretched in knee surgery.

Five: some surgeons fail to align the leg length in knee surgery. This leads to unequal leg lengths and can contribute to back and neck pain in the future.

Six: with all the infections going around our hospitals today avoiding surgery will help you avoid complications from infection.

Seven: the normal recovery time from knee surgery is many months. Avoiding surgery means avoiding this off time.

Eight: anesthetic reactions. The general anesthetic used in knee replacement surgery has a number of risks associated with it. Avoiding surgery means you will avoid the side effect risks of the general anesthetic used in surgery.

I have effective knee pain treatments that will allow you to avoid knee surgery. I offer Prolotherapy and Prolozone treatments which are non surgical medical procedures that stimulate the regeneration of cartilage, ligaments, and other connective tissues in and around a knee.

Get started with an ultrasound evaluation of your knee in my office and find out what treatment will be best for you.

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