Pain comes in many forms, and it always interrupts your enjoyment of life. I hate pain, both personally and professionally. I have studied pain and developed a number of effective treatments to allow pain sufferers to get effective solutions and get their lives back on track.

Way Number 1
My number one way of stopping pain is to heal the tendons and ligaments of injured joints that are sending out pain signals to your brain. Back pain, knee pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain… they all respond to PRP Prolotherapy and Prolozone Therapy, which are two safe and effective treatments that heal injured connective tissues and resolve joint pain where it starts.

Way Number 2
My number two way of stopping pain is to boost your immunity. Painful joints, muscles, and even nerves may be a result of bacterial and viral infections. Sore throats, ear aches, and painful sinus infections all respond to nutritional and herbal formulas – and so do some forms of joint muscle and nerve pain. My favorite immune boosters include the Vitamin s C and D, Pomegranate Seed Extract, the amino acid Lysine, and the mineral Selenium.

Way Number 3
My number three way of stopping pain is to kill intestinal bacteria and parasites that lead to cramps and diarrhea. My favorite formulas contain grapefruit seed extract, cloves, and the powerful herb Golden Seal.

Way Number 4
My number four way of stopping pain is to drink enough good water. Many headaches are a result of dehydration, which in turn is often a result of consuming water depleting beverages such as coffee and sodas, or simply not drinking enough water. My favorite hydration drink is alkaline water.

Way Number 5
My number five way of stopping pain is to eat enough good oils. Too many people are nutritionally deficient in good nutritional oils. Good oils balance our inflammatory cycles and lubricate our muscles, joints, and even our digestive tracts. Make certain you are getting the dietary oils you need for a pain free life.

Way Number 6
My number six way of stopping pain is to get chelation and phosphatidyl choline injection treatments. These two intravenous treatments will improve your blood circulation. Good circulation will help you to avoid the chest pain common with painful heart disease.

Way Number 7
My number seven way of stopping pain is spinal disc regeneration. Pain radiating up or down the back, or even to the legs may be due to an injured spinal disc. Ozone Therapy is useful in resolving nerve pain due to spinal disc compression.

There are many possible causes of pain. Get an accurate assessment of your pain and find out your options for resolving it with an effective natural medicine plan. Call my office today at 250-762-8900 for an appointment to discuss your pain history and your options for solving your pain.