Inflammation is a series of natural changes in our bodies in response to injury. Inflammation is necessary for real healing.

A strained back, allergic reactions, infections, or even just getting dust in your eye may all lead to inflammation.

Inflammation may include any or all of the following symptoms: redness; heat; swelling; and pain. These symptoms are the result of chemicals that are released from injured cells to attract healing cells to the areas of injury. So, inflammation is good when it is part of your healing response to injury. But, inflammation can also be bad when it is extreme and out of control.

An example of good inflammation could be the swelling that occurs around a bee sting. The swelling will limit the movement of the bee stinger venom into general circulation.

An example of bad inflammation could be the heat and pain that occurs in an injured knee that refuses to heal.

Inflammation is part of your healing response. However, it must be controlled with the right herbal and nutritional supplements, as well as procedures to increase healing such as PRP Prolotherapy and Ozone Treatments.

If you are experiencing inflammation that is not resolving call my office for an appointment and get on a health plan that solves your health concerns.