Medical Ozone Therapy is an innovative medical treatment that stimulates our natural and innate ability to heal. Medical ozone is energized medical grade oxygen.

Dr David Wikenheiser and Ozone Therapy
Dr David Wikenheiser has been licensed as a Naturopathic Physician in the Province of British Columbia since 1995 and Board Certified in Ozone Therapy since 1996. He uses Ozone to stimulate the healing of injured and worn joints, to support normal immune function, and to increase normal cellular energy production.

How Does Ozone Work?
Ozone gas acts by combining with fats, also known as lipids, and amino acids in our bodies. Ozone gas creates lipid ozonides and amino ozonides. These ozonides may persist for days to weeks in our bodies, acting as modulators for cellular regeneration, cellular energy production, and acting to stimulate and balance our immune functions.

Medical Ozone Risks
Contrary to popular belief Medical Ozone does not create free radicals in our bodies. Medical Ozone gas when administered by a trained doctor is a low risk medical procedure.

How is Medical Ozone Used?
Medical Ozone is used by doctors in a number of ways, including: on the top of your skin in a special ozone resistant bag; injected into injured joints and muscles; combined with a small amount of your own blood and injected like a Vitamin B 12 shot to treat allergies; introduced into your large intestine to balance and boost your immune system; and as a Hyperbaric treatment for your blood where 200 ml of blood is removed from your body, treated with Ozone and Oxygen under pressure and reintroduced. Hyperbaric Ozone Ten Pass treatments are used to boost immune function and regenerative healing.

Medical Ozone Research
Published medical research is an important part of knowing what medical treatments are safe and effective. There is a large amount of medical research on Medical Ozone.

Two of the best sources of information on Ozone Therapy are: the Unitied States National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Cochrane Reports. The NIH is a branch of the United States government and has a top reputation for providing access to solid scientific medical information. As we all know some published medical research may favor the sponsors of the research. The Cochrane Reports organization is highly respected for its evaluation of published medical research. Both the NIH and Cochrane Reports list published ozone research studies.

Ozone Therapy Study link,

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Cochrane Reports

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Cochrane Reports, Ozone for Foot Ulcers

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Ozone Testimonials

Many people want to know what other people have experienced with medical Ozone Treatments. Here is a listing of ozone testimonial videos.

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In the United States there are a number of doctors who practice Ozone Therapy and who teach other doctors how to use Medical Ozone. The top three US Ozone doctors are Dr Robert Rowen, Dr Howard Robins, and Dr Frank Shallenberger.

Dr Joseph Mercola is a doctor who has the number one medical website on the internet . Dr Gary Null is a New York based doctor who is a popular radio talk show host and PBS television program host.

Dr Gary Gordon is a widely known and respected medical innovator. Dr Gordon is recognized as the “father” of chelation.

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