Medical Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is an effective medical treatment for balancing an under or over active immune system, for increasing cellular energy production, and for stimulating regeneration in the human body.

What is Ozone

Ozone is a gas that is essentially energized oxygen. Medical Ozone is made in an electrical medical ozone generator using pure oxygen. Regular oxygen, the oxygen that we all breathe, is composed of two oxygen atoms and is called “O 2”. Ozone gas is composed of three oxygen atoms and is called “O 3”.


Medical Ozone Creates Ozonides

Medical Ozone gas reacts on contact, in thousands of a second, to form “ozonide” molecules. Ozone reacts with fats to form “lipid ozonides” and with amino acids to form “amino ozonides”. Ozonides persist for days to weeks and they modulate healing by affecting our chemicals of healing.


The Chemicals of Healing

Ozonides affect while blood cells known as mono nuclear cells an important part of our immune system. Mononuclear blood cells produce chemical messengers known as Cytokines and Lymphokines that control our immune systems.


Examples of Cytokines and Lymphokines are: Interleukin 1, 2, and 6; Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha; and others. According to the well known Ozone Therapy lecturer Dr Frank Shallenberger virtually every Cytokine tested is increased by exposure to Ozonides.


Ozone Affects Antioxidants

Oxygen in our bodies may cause the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are unbalanced molecules containing oxygen atoms that steal electrons and injure other molecules. Anti oxidants quench free radicals. The most important anti oxidant molecules in our bodies are Glutathione, Super Oxide Dismutase, and Catalase. Ozone Therapy increases both the amounts of these three antioxidants and their activity in our bodies. As reported by Dr Frank Shallenberger common anti oxidant nutrients such as Vitamins C and E are only effective when there are enough Glutathione, Super Oxide Dismutase, and Catalase present.


Ozone Therapy and Cellular Energy

Ozone Therapy increases cellular energy production. Energy at the level of our individual cells is produced or captured from our food. Sunlight puts energy into plants, which then combine or bond atoms and molecules together to make larger molecules. These larger molecules then form our food. We eat food, which is digested down to smaller molecules, which in turn are absorbed into our cells. Inside our cells oxygen is used to break down the molecules and to release the sunlight energy contained in the molecular bonds.


The sunlight energy that is released from our food is captured by Vitamins B 1 and B 3. These new high energy Vitamin compounds transfer the sunlight energy to an enzyme known as ATPase. This enzyme makes a new molecule known as Adenosine Tri Phosphate or ATP. ATP is in effect an energy three dollar bill. ATP is the most common and important energy molecule in our bodies.


Ozone Therapy increases cellular energy production by improving two parts of the energy production pathway. Ozone Therapy increases the cellular levels of oxygen by increasing its release from red blood cells for delivery to our cells. As well, Ozone Therapy also improves the production of ATP by improving the release of sunlight energy from the Vitamin B 3 compound for use in the ATPase enzyme.


Ozone Therapy has been scientifically proven to improve our healing by increasing cellular energy production, by increasing our antioxidant activity, and by stimulating and balancing our immune functioning. For more information click here  More Ozone Information