Forest Fire Smoke Health Solutions

This year the smoke in BC from forest fires has been the worst anyone can remember. Many of us are reacting to the smoke and not feeling well. If you are suffering from the smoke I have some solutions for you.

Here is a summary of health problems and solutions for exposure to forest fire smoke.

Health Problems from Forest Fire Smoke Exposure

The health problems associated with high exposure to any type of smoke, including forest fire smoke are as follows:

Irritation of your: eyes, mouth and throat, sinuses, the trachea that connects your throat to your lungs, and your lungs.

Congestion of your: lungs, and your liver. Your liver processes the toxins you inhale.

Heart load: breathing difficulties will increase the load on your heart and increase your risk of activating normally low grade heart problems.

Allergies. Inhaling the irritants and allergens in forest fire smoke may cause new allergies as well as aggravate all your other existing allergies.

What to Do?                 Lifestyle Choices

Avoid all outdoor exercise until the smoke clears.

Eat a clean diet to avoid overloading your system that is already dealing with toxins.

Drink more water. Water helps to flush water soluble toxins out of your body.

Eat good fats, such as olive oil and Sunflower seed lecithin to help flush fat soluble toxins out of your body.

What to Do?                 Medical Tests

Blood tests to assess food and environmental allergies.

Lung function tests to screen for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Pulse Oximeter testing to assess how much oxygen is in your blood.

What to Do?                           Treatments

Liver Herbs to Support Detoxification.

My favorite liver herbs are: Turmeric; Artichoke; Pichorrhiza; and Silymarin.

Lung and Liver Supporting Nutritional Supplements.

My favorite lung supporting supplements are: L-Cysteine; Selenium; and Folic Acid.

My favorite liver supporting supplement is: Sunflower seed lecithin.

Nebulized Glutathione

Inhaling a nebulized mist of salt water soothes the sinuses and the lungs. We add in the important anti oxidant Glutathione to increase soothing support of the lungs.

Anti Allergic and Detoxifying Intravenous Injections 

Intravenous Vitamin C treatments, with added Glutathione are supportive for both your lungs and your liver.


The prescribed drug Naltrexone often calms auto immune reactions in our bodies, a contributing factor to allergies.

Oxygen Therapy

EWOT – Exerecise with Oxygen Therapy is an effective treatment for exercise induced asthma, as well as other lung related health issues.


Take Action Now

If you are suffering through the effects of being exposed to forest fire smoke, we can help. Call my office at 250-762-8900 to book an appointment to discuss your options.